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Friday 3 August 2018

IK Ogbonna's Beautiful Wife Reveals How She Managed To Overcame Depression

Sonia Ogbonna
IK Ogbonna's stunning wife has opened up, revealing how she managed to overcome the depression that had weighed her down. Sonia Ogbonna has let her fans know about how she was able to manage and overcome depression.
Sonia who is the wife of popular actor, IK Ogbonna, shared her experience with the condition and how she overcame it in a recent post she made.
The Colombian-born model told her story on her Instagram stories on Thursday, August 2, 2018. She was answering questions from fans when she was asked to give an advice on depression.
"I have been depressed for over a year now and I actually cure my own depression by myself. But wisdom I earned in the process was priceless. I became closer to my own self. O became my own superhero. It pushed me to read a lot and do my own researches that helped me understand that no one is in charge of their own comes through my head but me.
"Its all about thoughts. Depression is a bunch of ill sick thoughts that gives us a false idea of helplessness, numbness, and pain. We offer feed depression into existence by giving it too much attention in the process of self-pity. My life changed the moment I understood I was a warrior, not a damn victim. Today I'm actually grateful for the whole experience it helped me discover my own strengths and capabilities," she wrote.

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