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Monday 20 August 2018

Linda Ikeji Pictured In Rare Moment Her Baby Was Kicking... Check Out Her Facial Reaction

Linda Ikeji
Millionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji was seen writhing in pains as her baby kicked in her womb showing signs of delivery soon. Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji was pictured in a rare moment her baby was kicking in her womb when she was taking pictures.
She posted the pictures online to tease her unborn child. According to her, she feels the boy might end up being a very private person who doesn't fancy public attention.

She wrote: "Looks like J will hate publicity.... Was taking pics for the gram and he began to kick the poo out of me like he was saying, 'mama, can you freaking stop! Enough already!'. And the whole thing was captured. Lol. Swipe to see my pain.."
She is presently in Atlanta, US, where she is waiting to give birth. Her parents have also joined her in the country.

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