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Saturday 18 August 2018

Meet The Nigerian Girl Making N100k Each From Blue Films (Video)

Savage Trap Queen
Trap Queen, a 23 year old young lady acting adult films in Lagos has revealed she earns about N80,000 to N100,000 per p*rn movie in an exclusive interview with BBC Pidgin. Blue film is big business in Nigeria despite not being popular. P*rn artistes have been constantly bad-mouthed by the general public.
Most of the p*rn actors in Nigeria wear masks to conceal their faces to protect their identities. One of the daring adult film actors in Nigeria identified as Savage Trap Queen has summoned courage to speak to reporters about the goings-on in the p*rn industry in Nigeria.
Savage Trap Queen has been into the business of acting p*rn since October, 2017 and she regularly makes about N100,000 from every film she shoots.
The slim lady who is also a model explained that she has been attacked heavily that by critics to the extent that the crown which she bagged in the course of finishing as first runner-up for Face of Africa beauty pageant was taken from her. They felt it wasn't appropriate for a beauty queen to be acting p*rn.
She has refused to be deterred by the absence of her crown as she has continued in her life of trade.
"There is a difference between prostitution and blue film. Prostitution involves straight s*x and money p*rn is more of acting, it is not real" she said.
Despite the fact that blue film is being frowned at publicly, several people still watch it in their private spaces.
Savage Trap Queen who claims her mother is comfortable with her work has over 20,000 followers on Instagram where she tease them with her seductive contents. She added that she has tested negative to the dreaded HIV.
Watch a short clip of her full interview below:

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