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Friday 10 August 2018

Newly Married Actor, Gideon Okeke Dishes Out Advice To Married Men

Gideon Okeke
Nigerian movie actor, Gideon Okeke who is now a married man, has issued an advice to fellow married men. Gideon Okeke, the Nigerian movie star who had his traditional wedding in April this year, is apparently enjoying the marriage experience.
The actor, who came up with some words of advice for men regarding marriage, took to social media to dish it out.
Okeke shared a photo of himself enjoying boiled corn and pear served by his wife and told men that a wife is a sacred job.
He advised them to put "ego aside and submit" and they will see themselves "levitate" as the woman will "sandpaper you to perfection".
He wrote: 
"Her : Babe, is it flowing?
"Me : Not quite honey. Writers block.
"Her : OK. Hol this corn tight for me till I finish cooking.
"Me : Yes Love.
"Man mi... I tell ya. A wife is a screed job. Put ego aside and submit. Watch urself levitate.
"Sand-paper You to perfection."

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