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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Proud Mother Turns Her Daughter's Masters Degree Certificate Into A Blanket (Photos)

The Msc graduate whose mum turned her certificate to a blanket
The mother of a young Msc graduate has surprised her with a gift - a way for her daughter to always stay warm, literally, with the help of her degree. A US-based Twitter user identified simply as GrooviK (@blahblahSPEAK), who recently bagged a Masters Degree from the University of North Carolina, has taken to the social networking platform to share a a photo of her certificate which her mother turned into a blanket.
She posted the photo and wrote: "My mom turned my Masters degree into a blanket. yOuR dEgReE wOnt KeEp yOu wArM aT NiGhT tHoUgH. NOW it will, you lil b-tch. Just be proud of your education, it’s the only thing no one can take from you!

"I also earned my degree with a 4.0 and was gainfully employed BEFORE I graduated. Hard work never goes unnoticed! But y'all can help me pay these loans back: $Kynnith."
See the photo below;
The blanket inspired by Masters certificate

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