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Thursday 23 August 2018

Proud Nigerian Mum Poses With Her 3 Uniformed Sons... Army Officer, Air Force Personnel And Pilot (Photo)

The Suleimans
An apparently very proud Nigerian mother has been spotted striking a pose with her three uniformed children. Nothing is sweeter than seeing your children grow up into successful people in their different fields of endeavor.
Nigerian parents are especially known to go to every length possible to make sure their kids achieve success in life and when this success comes, they become ecstatic. This is the kind of joy that Mrs Suleiman, a Nigerian mum currently feels.
Mrs Suleiman is the proud mother of three uniformed men; an army officer, an air force personnel and a pilot. Obviously, the woman's dream, like all mothers, which is to see her kids do well in life, has become reality.
Mrs Suleiman posed for a photograph with her children recently and the smile of accomplishment on her face is apparent.
The photo was shared by soffys_kitchen on social media.

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