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Saturday 25 August 2018

Shocking: BBC Journalist Gets Hit By A Falling Tree While Reporting On Hurricane (Photos)

BBC man James Cook peers out through the foliage, after being almost flattened by a tree
A journalist has ended up being hit by a falling tree while he was busy making a report on a hurricane. James Cook, a BBC news reporter was hit by a falling tree as he recorded a radio report on a hurricane in Hawaii.
The Sun UK reports that James Cook was in the middle of his report when a tree suddenly cracked and fell on top of him.
He was unhurt but his laptop was destroyed.
In the recording, released by the BBC, he begins by explaining that the eye of Hurricane Lane will skirt Hawaii’s Big Island in 12 hours’ time.
But he is interrupted by the sound of a tree breaking amid fierce winds.
James was unhurt in the incident, although his laptop was destroyed
He shouts “argh” before about five seconds of silence. James and his co-workers can then be heard asking each other if they are OK.
“Well, that was unexpected,” the journalist adds over the sound of crunching leaves and brunches.
James asks a colleague not to try to move the tree, explaining: “It will be easier just to climb out.”
But he adds: “It’s smashed my laptop.”

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