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Tuesday 28 August 2018

The Only Condition Why I'll Jump Into A Romantic Relationship - Curvy Actress, Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle
Famous for her killer curves and waist, controversial actress, Princess Shyngle, has spoken out on the only condition that will make her get involved with a man for love. While speaking in a new interview, popular Ghana-based actress, Princess Shyngle, opened up on one condition that will make her jump into a romantic relationship.
The pretty actress who is known for her hour-glass figure and her tiny waist, disclosed that she will only date if the man is very rich, and warned broke men not to hit her up on social media.
The controversial Shyngle said: “I am tired of taking care of myself. I need someone to come and take care of me now.
Reacting on if she wanted a rich man, she boldly said, “whether he is rich, whether he is successful in whatever he is doing now. He could be a banker but just be a generous person. There are many rich people who are not generous.
“That is the duty of a man. You need to provide for your woman. You need to take care of your woman and you need to support her. That is just the duty of every man.
"And I am tired of guys that wouldn’t do these things. They are just about I love you, I love you, I love you and that’s about it. Now I want to see the ‘I love you,” she further stated.
Princess Shyngle had earlier disclosed that former Black Stars midfielder, Michael Essien is one of her ex-boyfriends, adding that she has about seven ex-boyfriends and the former Chelsea man happens to be one of them.
She also revealed the name of another superstar she intends to date if she sees that things are right, and it was no other name than that of Togo international footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor who she said she may date very soon.
She made the disclosures during an interview on a yet-to-be-aired episode of the "Delay Show" in Ghana.

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