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Wednesday 15 August 2018

Wow! Adesua Etomi Gets Photoshopped Into The Wellington Family Photo After Banky W Asked For It

Banky W
Adesua Etomi has been brilliantly photoshopped into the Wellington family photo after her husband asked for it. Nigerian singer, Banky W recently celebrated with his parents as they marked their 40th anniversary. The event was attended by family and friends who witnessed a lot of merriment.
As part of the celebration, Banky W and his family posed for a portrait photo. The singer then proceeded to post the beautiful picture on his Instagram page as seen below.
Banky W gave a cute caption to the photo but then asked that someone should help him insert his wife, Adesua, in the picture via photoshop.
He captioned it: "Happy 40th Anniversary to the original Mr and Mrs Wellington. Somebody shld pls epp me photoshop my own Mrs Wellington inside Thank you @marybosotu for the awesome pictures"

A fan saw the post and made sure Banky W got his wish. The fan who is apparently very creative with photoshop, inserted Banky W's wife, Adesua right into the family photo.
Below is the finished work.
The singer's fans have made the photoshop very interesting.

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