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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

13 Power Plants Shutdown Over Gas Supply, Low Demand

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Power supply has continued to be a major challenge in Nigeria with power plants freely shutting down as a result of insufficient gas. Thirteen electricity Generation Companies (GenCos) were shut down while five others operated below capacity last Thursday after inadequate gas supply and low energy demand of Distribution Companies (DisCos) denied customers 4,023 megawatts (MW) of electricity.
Latest electricity industry data released by the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing shows that inability of the transmission line to carry 112MW of electricity from Gbarain NIPP in Bayelsa state accounted for a slight cause of the huge electricity loss recorded during the period.
The Daily Trust analysis of the report obtained yesterday indicates that while gas shortage affected the generation of 1,953MW across eight GenCos, another loss of 1,957MW across 10 GenCos was because the DisCos reduced their demand for electricity.
For the gas supply constraint, Adam VI in Rivers state was the worst hit as it shutdown, losing 640MW.
Geregu NIPP and Geregu Gas in Kogi state were shutdown due to gas cut and they lost 290MW each; another 230MW was lost at Odukpani NIPP after its two turbines lost gas supply.
Omotosho NIPP operated at half capacity to deliver 164MW, but it lost 195MW to gas cut; Sapele NIPP lost 112MW after it was shutdown, the exclusive report showed.
Alaoji NIPP and Olorunsogo Gas lost 120MW and 76MW as they were shutdown. For the DisCos’ energy reduction, Shiroro hydro Genco in Niger state lost 390MW from its four turbines, it however delivered 210MW electricity which the DisCos could take.
Olorunsogo NIPP, Ihovbor NIPP and Delta lost 240MW, 225MW and 200MW after they were shutdown. Egbin in Lagos lost 207MW but generated 393MW; Azura in Edo lost 157MW and produced 150MW due to poor energy demand from the DisCos.
Delta and Jebba hydro Genco lost 200MW and 180MW as their four turbines shutdown; Omotosho Gas and Olorunsogo Gas could not generate 152MW and 76MW from six turbines which were down due to poor demand from the DisCos.
Okpai GenCo in Delta state generated only 20MW during the period and lost 130MW of electricity which was not demanded for by the 11 DisCos.
While losses continue at alarming rate, calculation of the expected peak demand of electricity for Nigerian consumers is at 17,000MW from which the grids produce only an average 4,000MW occasionally.

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