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Saturday 1 September 2018

19-Year-Old Fraudster Confesses That He Faked SARS Arrest (Photo)

Daniel Daisi
A suspected teenage fraudster has landed in hot soup after confessing that he faked SARS arrest in Lagos. A teenage suspect identified as Daniel Daisi has confessed that he faked police arrest to deceive and defraud his victims, The Nation has revealed.
It was gathered that the Lagos-based 19-year-old indigene of Ondo State said he had relied on the trick to get money with which he would build his own tile workshop and buy important tiling tools.
Daisi made the confessions at the police headquarters, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos on Monday as one of the suspected criminals paraded at the Command headquarters. He was brought in by the team commander of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (FSARS), Salmon .A. Opukeme, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), from the Onilekere FSARS Station in Cement area of Lagos State.
According to Opukeme, the suspect specialised in collecting huge sums of money from would-be customers for tiling jobs only to lie to them that he was being detained by the police. He would later tell the unsuspecting customers that the police had collected the money meant to buy tiles and warned that he must not be sighted in the area where he was supposed to do the job or he would be rearrested and charged to court.
Luck, however, ran out on him after playing the trick on a customer identified as Waliu Ogundele. Following the story that Daisi told him about the police, Waliu was said to have gone to the FSARS station at Onilekere with him to demand why he was arrested by FSARS operatives who also collected the money he gave him for tiles.
Daisi was however said to be dumbfounded when the station officer asked him when he was detained and the offence he committed to warrant his arrest and detention for three days. And when the station officer went through the station’s crime register, he could not find Daisi’s name in it. The policeman then turned to Ogundele and told him that Daisi was never arrested not to talk of being detained.
Further enquiries made by Opukeme, the station’s commander, also showed that Daisi was merely lying. Confronted with the facts, Daisi was said to have confessed and gave reasons why he made false allegation against FSARS operatives.
In his confessions, Daisi said: “I am sorry I lied. I wanted to use the N5,000 and N600 he (Ogundele) gave me to solve personal problems. I wanted to buy tile tools and had been looking for money. I thought that if I lied to him that FSARS men arrested me and collected the money, he would be afraid and forget about it.”

He, however, said it was his first time of doing so.

“I was not sponsored by anybody. I wanted my master to be afraid and forget about the money. I went to learn tile work after passing out from senior secondary school, as I could not secure a job.
Expressing surprise at Daisi’s action Ogundele said: “I gave him N5,000 for a tiling job. I took him to First Bank, withdrew some money and gave him N5,000. I also added N600 for transportation. Three days later, he came and told me that FSARS operatives at Onilekere Police Station arrested him, collected the money and detained him for three days.

”I got annoyed and told him that we would go there and they would tell me why they should seize my money. But Daisi said I should not go there to avoid being arrested too. That was even what gave me the courage to go and confront the FSARS operatives at Onilekere.

“What I saw and heard at FSARS office and Daisi’s confession made me to look foolish. I started apologising on his behalf,but police said the allegation against them was too much. They said they would investigate him thoroughly to find out his other victims and would charge him to court at the end of a thorough investigation.

“He must refund my money. Let the police discipline him. He is a bad liar.”

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