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Tuesday 18 September 2018

APC Adopts Badoo Kingpin As Candidate In Ogun

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Oduniyi Adelaja who has been alleged to to be a member of a secret cult has been picked as a consensus candidate within the APC. A group, under the aegis of “Concerned Indigenes of Ijebu North (Diaspora)”, has submitted a petition to the national and Ogun State leaderships of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), over the adoption of Oduniyi Adelaja as the party’s House of Assembly consensus candidate for represent Ijebu North 2 (Ifelodun State Constituency) during the forthcoming general elections.
In the petition, dated September 16, signed by the President and Secretary of the association, Adekoya Moshood and Adegbesan Dapo, a copy obtained by INDEPENDENT, Oduniyi, was alleged to be a suspected kingpin of a dreaded Badoo cult group.
According to the association in the petition, which was addressed to the national chairman and copied to the deputy national chairman, national secretary, the legal adviser, the Ogun State chairman and secretary of APC, the House of Assembly consensus candidate, popularly known as ‘Happy’ was said to have been arrested by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, Ikeja, Lagos, on May 7, 2017, over his alleged involvement with cult the group, notorious for killing several people for ritual purposes in Ikorodu town and its environs.
It added that the candidate, who was granted bail on May 11, 2017, was still under police investigation and still reporting at the Lagos State Police Headquarters, Ikeja.
The group, further alleged that Oduniyi’s hotel situated in Ikorodu, was sealed up by the police, for allegedly running a prostitution ring and harbouring people suspected to be criminals.
The candidate, according to the petition, was said to have fled Ikorodu and relocated to Ago Iwoye, when some human parts were allegedly found on the premises of his filing station.
The group, which observed that since Oduniyi’s announcement as the consensus candidate of the party, suspected cult members, numbering about 50 and who had terrorised Ago Iwoye and Oru in Ijebu North local government, had resurfaced.
It however, appealed to both the Ogun State and national leadership of APC, to investigate and beam their searchlight on the personality of Oduniyi as a consensus candidate of the party.
The petition reads: “We, the above association, wish to draw the attention of both the national and Ogun State leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC), to the adoption of Oduniyi Adelaja, as the consensus candidate, to represent Ijebu North 2 (Ifelodun State Constituency), at the Ogun State House of Assembly.

“While we are not politicians and not interested in how any party runs its affairs, our concern for peace, progress and tranquility in Ago Iwoye and environs, has made it our responsibility to express our observation, reservation and take our stand, on issues that affect the constituency.

“Thus, we want to state clearly that the Ogun APC House of Assembly adopted consensus candidate, in the person of Oduniyi Adelaja, popularly known as ‘Happy’, is an alleged dreaded Badoo Cult kingpin.

“He was, however, on the 7th of May, 2017, arrested by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja, Lagos, for his alleged involvement in the activities of Badoo Cult, which had claimed many lives in Ikorodu and environs.

“Oduniyi, was granted bail on the 11th of May, but he is still under police investigation as he still reports at the Lagos State Police Headquarters, Ikeja.

“Similarly, his hotel in Ikorodu was sealed by the police for running a prostitution ring as well as harbouring people of questionable character. The prostitutes and the people were also rounded up by the police.

“He later sold his petrol station and fled Ikorodu, after an unconfirmed report that some human parts were found on the premises of the station and he had since relocated to Ago Iwoye.

“It, therefore, came to us as a rude shock when Oduniyi was announced by Ogun APC, to represent us at the Hallowed Chamber. We wonder what kind of law an alleged law breaker would be enacting for the development of Ago Iwoye and well-being of its people.

“It should also be made known that since his announcement as the consensus candidate, over 50 alleged deadly cult members, led by the duo of Femi Olupitan a.k.a ‘Agba Awo’ and Samson a.k.a ‘Agbara’, both who were arrested sometime ago by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) in Ogun State, for criminal offences, had returned to Ago Iwoye.

“These cultists, who had earlier been subdued in the town, however, got a new lease of life as they went on jubilation galore, smoking Indian hemp and consuming hard drinks in broad daylight, both in Ago Iwoye and Oru towns, to celebrate the candidature of their kingpin. There are pictorial evidences to back this up.

“Subsequently, we want to appeal to both the Ogun State and national leadership of APC, to investigate the above stated allegations and beam their searchlight on the personality of Oduniyi as a consensus candidate of the party.

“Ago Iwoye and its environs have enjoyed peace, progress and tranquility in the recent past, we don’t our constituency to slide back into era of cult clashes, chaos and political killings”.
When contacted on phone by our correspondent to confirm the receipt of the petition, the State Publicity Secretary of APC in Ogun, Wole Elegbede, said it was only the state chairman that can confirm such.
And when contacted, the State APC Chairman, Derin Adebiyi, told a correspondent that he was informed that such a petition was received, but yet to see it.

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