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Friday, 7 September 2018

Funny Photos Of Papa Ajasco, Charles Okocha And Pa James On Set

Charles Okocha and Papa Ajasco
Nollywood actor and skit maker, Charles Okocha is presently on set with Papa Ajasco and Pa James and the pictures taken by the artistes have been cracking people up. Charles Okocha has been pictured on set acting alongside the legendary Papa Ajasco.
The light-skinned eccentric actor was pictured trying to beat up the elderly actor. The brand ambassador was also pictured with Pa James, a popular Yoruba actor who made the childhood of most Nigerian youths fun.
The episodes Charles Okocha featured in are expected to be interesting to be mouth-watering considiering the quality, energy and craziness he brings to the table.
There are rumours that the are artistes are presently on the set of a comedy movie at Wale Adenuga production.
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