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Tuesday 25 September 2018

Lagos Banker Allegedly Murdered By Husband Died From Severe Brain Injury - Autopsy

The woman was allegedly murdered by the husband
A medical pathologist has revealed that a banker who was reportedly stabbed to death by her husband died as a result of severe damage to her brain. A post-mortem examination conducted on Ronke Shonde, who was allegedly murdered by her husband, has revealed that the deceased died from severe brain injuries, according to a report by Nigerian Tribune.
The medical pathologist who gave the verdict,  Dr S. S Soyele, from the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, before an Ikeja High Court, further revealed that during autopsy, it was discovered that the deceased’s brain was heavy, swollen and filled with water.
“The deceased (Ronke Shonde) died from respiratory failure, caused by cerebral oedema (swollen brain), caused by a blunt force trauma to the brain,” he said.
TribuneOnline recalls that Lekan Shonde allegedly killed his wife sometimes in 2015 and thereafter fled their home, locking his wife’s corpse in the house with their two children aged five and six who were asleep.
Ronke’s lifeless body was discovered by the two children whose cry attracted neighbours. Giving further insight into how the deceased died.
Dr Soyele while being led in evidence by the Lagos State Prosecutor, Y. G Oshoala stated that it was highly unlikely that the deceased inflicted the injuries on herself, because of the multiplicity of the injuries.
“A bruise was found on her left jaw. During the autopsy, it was also discovered that the deceased had black eyes (pupils) a telltale sign of brain injury.
“We opened up the body and brought out all the organs. We also opened up the skull to bring out the brain. Blood collection was discovered in the skull, just beneath the skin.
“The deceased’s uterus was also brought out and there was no sign of conception. We took samples from the brain in order to determine the cause of death which primarily was respiratory failure caused by trauma to the brain,” he said.
The pathologist who said he and his team had conducted over 1000 autopsies, said the Ronke’s autopsy revealed that she had suffered past injuries to her brain.
“We took samples from the brain and discovered old haemorrhage (bleeding) in the brain, which suggests past trauma, ” he added.
At the last hearing, the deceased’s sister, Bolatito recalled Ronke narrating to her how the defendant would pick her up and slam her against the wall.
“My sister even told me that her husband would lift her up and slam her against the wall, whenever they had an argument, ” she told Justice Josephine Oyefeso in an emotion-laden voice.
The matter has been adjourned till October 24 for trial.

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