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Monday 24 September 2018

Man Seen Peeping At His Fiancee In The Bathroom In Pre-Wedding shoot

The couple in question
This young man decided to spice up his pre-wedding photo-shoot with a little bit of inspiration from Nollywood, and it has hijacked the headlines. Man releases different creative pre-wedding photo shoot as he spied on his own wife-to-be having her shower inside the bathroom.
They both did the 'Oya Hit Me' trademark pose of Instagram star, Broda Shaggi which has been copied by several celebrities in Nigeria.
He also watched her as she prepares food in the kitchen and finally helps her to make her hair.
"What is the man still looking for? You are the owner, everything will be shown to you when you marry her so don't worry, just go and pay our bride price!" a top commenter said.
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