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Thursday 27 September 2018

Players Beat Referee Mercilessly, Chase Him Off Pitch After Penalty Decision (Photos)

The referee was beaten mercilessly by the players
A referee got the beating of his life during a game after giving a controversial penalty decision during a game. A referee was brutally attacked and chased off a pitch after an Indonesian league game descended into chaos. The startling scenes took place during Peregres Gresik United’s game against Persiwa Wamena in Liga 2.
Violence erupted when the referee, named as Abdul Razak in local media, awarded a penalty for an innocuous challenge.
Persiwa’s players were enraged by the decision and began to chase Razak.
One removed his shirt as he pursued the match official.
Players started shoving the referee and then began throwing punches and kicks at him, according to local media.
Razak is knocked to the ground by a flying kick and is kicked while lying on the turf.
He eventually escapes and runs off the pitch – but, incredibly, he returns to resume the game.
Two Persiwa players were sent off and the awarded-penalty was eventually taken and converted.
The goal puts Persegres  into the lead and they manage to hold on.
Abuse of Razak continued off the pitch in a verbal way as Persiwa coach Suimin Diharja said the referee had “stolen” a point from them.
No sanctions have been placed on either club yet.
See more photos below:

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