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Thursday 27 September 2018

Presidential Aspirant, Fela Durotoye Shares Touching WhatsApp Chat With His Son

Fela Durotoye
His presidential ambition has taken him away from his family as his 15 year old son who has missed his father tries to reach him on WhatsApp chat application. Fela Durotoye has shared an emotional chat he had with his son who is praying he wins the next presidential election in Nigeria.
The businessman and motivational speaker has been touring the nooks and crannies of this country creating awareness about his political ambition.
Fela Durotoye is contesting for the presidential seat under the platform of the Alliance For A New Nigeria, ANN.
Read his recent note below about his son, Demilade:
"Just got this message from Demilade, my 15 year old son & it reminded me of not only my sacrifice to put myself on the line to deliver a #NewNigeria but the sacrifice YOU make everyday, to give your children the best. 

For the Moms & Dads who leave home before their kids wake up & return after they’ve gone to bed. 

The entrepreneur who has no days off because they can’t afford to. 

The woman who sits in traffic, hoping to sell enough plantain to have enough to restock & a little left to give her children something to eat. .

The Dads who work 9 to 5 and have to use their cars as cabs so they can feed their families. 

To every single mom who has to be both Mom & Dad. 

To the parents who starve & deprive themselves so your kids don’t go to bed hungry. 

Your sacrifice won’t be in vain and someday soon, your kids will thank you for putting them first and tell you how proud they are of you.. .

You are the real heroes. 
Tag someone whose sacrifice is inspiring & worth celebrating."

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