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Saturday, 1 September 2018

The Adorable Moment A Curious Giraffe Hilariously Photo-bombed A Newlywed Couple (Photos)

The newlywed couple (Photo: Stephanie Norman Photography)
A photographer has captured on camera, the adorable moment a curious giraffe photo-bombed a wedding couple who were taking photos after tieing the knot. A South African newlywed couple, Luke and Tristan Karshagen, had their wedding photoshoot hilariously photo-bombed by a curious giraffe at the Areena Riverside Resort in East London on August 18.
Wedding photographer, Stephanie Norman was taking photos of the couple when the gentle giraffe, named Abby, appeared and calmly poked his nose at the couple. 
The couple being photo-bombed by the giraffe (Stephanie Norman Photography)
Stephanie shared the adorable photo on her Facebook page, where it has gone viral, and wrote: "This very inquisitive giraffe decide to photobomb our photoshoot yesterday, and hung around for a good twenty minutes.
"He was so gentle and nosy, and an absolute pleasure to photograph.. Living in Africa is pretty amazing."  
Meanwhile, Stephanie has received a deluge of emails from around the world about the photo. She said: "I have had emails from people I don’t know saying the photo made their day better, so that’s really cool. Animals set an example to the world because they show nothing but love." 

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