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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Before Traveling Abroad For Studying, Pls Read This

Adebayo Yinka
Adebayo Yinka, a Nigerian studying abroad has written a piece to guide other young country men willing to study abroad. Studying in "the Abroad".
Some weeks ago, I met some guys from Cyprus. They had schooled there. We got talking and I asked them about the life in Cyprus and how easy it is to get a student job there.
I was curious to know about Cyprus because that was my plan C when I wanted to leave the country. Cyprus barely deny people visa.Much so. They have some very good schools.
What I heard from them was shocking and below my expectations. Not only is it difficult to get a Job while studying, the job were of low pay and sometimes the students are not paid.
If you are not from a very rich family. And you are thinking of going to the abroad to study, work and be independent. Then you need to plan your journey and destination well.
All my time in Nigeria, as bad as Nigerian economy is. I have never seen anyone homeless not to talk of sleeping on the street. In "the abroad" I have seen people sleep on the street even in the most difficult weather (winter).
Please If you want to travel out. Not all countries in Europe are "the abroad" you think of. Make your research. Some countries are very fine but they have poor economy high unemployment and low minimum wage. Now its okay if you go to such countries, having a parent that can bare such costs. But to think you will go there and hustle things out. Its quite hard if not impossible.
Also. If you are going to a country like Uk. You must understand that UK is expensive. But the main problem with UK is that, after your study you are going back home. You cant stay legally beyond a month except you get a Job. And to get a Job there with a student Visa is like getting water from the rock. It happens. Only by miracle. And if you have a christian lifestyle, you dont want to use the belle method to get a stay. Even the belle method is half a chance.
Countries like Russia are very difficult to live. They have low pay. Apart from the language problem there is racism problem too. I have shared a room with a russian for a month. Not all of them are racist though. Even he could not deny that a lot of them are.
A Country like Germany is very good. The government schools there are free. And offer a lot of scholarship. Germany gives you about 18 months after your Msc to get job. Which is a good deal. I guess. Half of germans speak english. With a strong economy. If not the strongest in europe prolly the next. To get into germany. Learning german will be an added advantage .
Summarily. Before you sell your property to go to the "abroad". Do your research. Agents will tell you sweet things because they want to make money. There are alot of scholarship too.
Finally. Be led by God. There is a place he has for you.
Be good.
Love you.
Written by Adebayo Yinka

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