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Saturday 6 October 2018

Driver Suspended For Allowing Monkey Drive Bus In Front Of Shocked Passengers

Man alowed a monkey to drive his bus
A driver has been taken off duty and a probe has been ordered against him following a video which emerged of him allowing a monkey to drive his bus. A bus driver left his passengers shocked after allowing his monkey take the wheel. The driver sat back as the monkey steered the packed bus in India.

Footage shows the monkey sit on top of the steering wheel.

Shot on October 1 by a shocked passenger, the driver chuckles as the animal tries to keep its eyes on the road.

The human driver helps by working the peddles and gears — while he takes his hands off the wheel at several points.

Officials said the monkey was a pet belonging to one of the passengers and was comfortable in human company.

It reportedly jumped onto the steering wheel and the driver – named only as Prakash – let it sit there.

A passenger sent a copy of the video to the officials of the Indian Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation.

Taking a more stern view of the incident, an official said: “Prakash has been taken off duty and a probe has been ordered against him.

“Endangering passengers’ lives is not acceptable.”

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