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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Woman Cries For Help After Giving Birth To Triplet

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Father of triplets, who is a Quranic scholar, Malam Kabiru Ibrahim and his wife have appealed to the public to come to their help. A middle aged woman, Malam Dausiyya Kabiru Ibrahim, who recently gave birth to three baby boys, has called for help to enable her take care of the babies.
Dausiyya, a resident of Sheka quarters in Kano metropolis, delivered the triplet at Murtala Mohammed Specialist hospital.
She, however, appealed to wealthy individuals to come to her aid to carter for the babies, noting that “my husband is is hardworking and caring but not capable enough to take care of the newly born babies.”
Father of the babies, who is a Qur’anic scholar, Malam Kabiru Ibrahim also appealed to the public to come to their help.
“I hailed from Kazaure in Jigawa State. I am a Qur’anic teacher, I have students from different places,” he said.
Malam Ibrahim said he was grateful to God for his blessings upon him.
“I have memorized the Qur’an and I was able to write the complete Qur’an by heart as well. That was the first blessing from God, and now we have triplet,” he stated.
Apart from teaching, Malam Ibrahim said he was also into embroidery from which he cater for his family.
However, he said the design business was not lucrative and life had not been easy for him and his family.
“The addition of three children into the family is therefore an additional responsibility that requires the assistance of all and sundry as it will be difficult even for the mother to adequately breast feed the triplet without food supplement,”he concluded.

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