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Tuesday 27 November 2018

Bleaching Cream: How Blac Chyna's Visit To Nigeria Gulped Millions Of Naira

Blac Chyna showcasing the bleaching cream
U.S-based Cameroonian entrepreneur, Dencia reportedly spent a whopping sum of N10 million to bring a former stripper, Blac Chyna to Nigeria. At a minimum of N45,000 per jar of "Whitenicious" cream, she doesn't need much to recoup the investment.
“Blac Chyna touched me, My year is made!,” a lady dressed in a short pink sequined dress lept with excitement as American reality star, Blac Chyna and her host, Dencia waltzed into the “Whitenicious” showroom in Ikeja on Sunday afternoon.
The visit of the nearly-but-not-quite Mrs Kardashian to Nigeria was greeted by a myriad of reactions as she touched down Nigeria to launch her face collection by Cameroonian-Nigerian singer/beauty entrepreneur, Dencia.
Many commentators all over the world debated the issue of skin whitening and bleaching as they mused about the cool audacity with which Blac Chyna was made the face of a whitening cream. The debate caused so much uproar that Nigerian singer, Burna Boy even called the thirty-year-old mother of two out on Instagram, warning her not to bring her ‘poison to Nigeria’.
Undeterred, Blac Chyna and Dencia went on with the trip and ignored both Burna Boy and the countless tweets that trolled them both. Nothing was going to stop their “shine in Nigeria.”
For those who don’t know, Blac Chyna’s visit to launch a collection of Whitenicious by Dencia held at its showroom on Allen Avenue in the Ikeja axis of Lagos. The reception from waiting fans was massive and for a second, Blac Chyna could have been on a red carpet in Hollywood as a handful of fans struggled to catch a glimpse of the brand influencer.
The two-hour session which comprised a few words with pressmen who were at the event and small talk with carefully curated fans is said to have cost a whopping ten million naira.
With a glittering array of products at the showroom, NET can reveal that the most expensive product on the list is the “G0ld Diamond Infused Dark Spot Remover”, priced at N98,900 while the cheapest body cream cost N45,000.
If all goes well for Dencia and she sells out her line of beauty creams as she reportedly did in 2014, her ten million naira investment in flying Blac Chyna in for the opening will be small fries. At the opening, she had over one thousand pieces of different potions, creams and oils and could earn as high as N72 million.
Although there were no tickets for the event, it was attended by fierce-looking guards who escorted business execs as well as gorgeously dressed ladies in different shades, ranging from ebony dark to nearly snow white.
The moment everyone was waiting for finally came and the star of the moment, Blac Chyna showed up amidst tight security in a black G-wagon, dressed in a gold and black jumpsuit to complement her banging body and nice tattoos.
There were cheers from the waiting crowd, many of them who had been awaiting her arrival for nearly three hours.
The highlights of the show came during the question and answer section when the duo was asked the difference between bleaching and whitening creams.
Not one to shy from her business, Dencia attempted to clear the misconceptions about the products. In her exact words, “A white person can never be black and a black person can never be white. An example of bleaching would be all those gory photos of those black aunties who have turned green due to the use of very harmful products on their skin, but whitening is when we use herbal products backed by research to enhance our skin.”
Blac Chyna who beamed with smiles as she took photos with people who were present at the event, was presented with a painting of her by a teenage painter thanked everyone, especially Dencia for a warm welcome to Nigeria, adding that she was amazed at her reception. “I’ll definitely be back someday”, she said.
By Monday morning, Blac Chyna had departed Lagos back to her Hollywood base. Dencia herself has departed, sharing photos of her in a private jet on Instagram, no doubt beaming with pride for her efforts.
Source: TheNet

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