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Tuesday 6 November 2018

Dede Nne, The Young Man In Viral 'Spell Buhari' Video Gets Help From Nigerians (Photos)

Dede Nne and one of the people who reportedly helped him
A man who turned an internet sensation after videos of him spelling words wrongly, has gotten a much needed help from some Nigerians. A young man identified simply as Dede Nne, who went viral after he was filmed attempting to spell "Buhari" in a viral video, has been located and cleaned up by well-meaning Nigerians.
The alleged mentally-challenged man who has now been given the name "Mr Spell", lives in Umuahia and is popular for misspelling words with so much confidence.
Dede Nne taken to a boutique for shopping
A lot of Nigerians found humour is his attempts at spelling simple words, but some pointed out that he might be in need of psychological help.
Recent photos of him shared online show he's getting support from people. He was taken shopping for a change of wardrobe and now looks presentable.
More photos below.

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