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Tuesday 6 November 2018

How My Family And I Escaped Assassination - Ekweremadu Narrates Shocking Ordeal

Ike Ekweremadu
 The deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu, has narrated the story of an assassination attempt on him, his wife and son at their Abuja home this Tuesday morning. The Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, was attacked at his Abuja residence, as the armed men discreetly evaded the security at his Apo Quarters home, to gain entry at about 4am this Tuesday morning.
While speaking shortly after the start of plenary at the Senate on Tuesday, Senator Ekweremadu, formally reported what he termed "an assassination attempt on him, his wife and son", to his colleagues.
According to PREMIUM Times who monitored the plenary, Ekweremadu narrated his experience with some gunmen who he said, came after his life and family members.
He said: “It is with gratitude to (the) Almighty God that I will like to tell my colleagues, my constituents and the general public that myself, my wife and my son narrowly escaped assassination in the early hours of this morning.
“It was about 4 am this morning. Some people evaded the security in my house and got all the way to my room where I was sleeping with my wife. There was a struggle, there was a fight, with heavy commotion and by the grace of God we eventually caught one of them. The rest escaped.”
The deputy senate president said he would not delve into more details so as not to jeopardise the investigation by the police on one of the gunmen who was handed over to them, and expressed worry over how the police is handling the matter.
“We handed that one over to the police investigating the matter. The annoying aspect of it or the one that is worrisome is that at that point I called the Inspector-General of police (IGP), his phone was off.
"I called some of his aides, their phones rang out and nobody replied, till now. I called DIG operations, till I left my house, nobody showed up.
“I now had my people invite the DPO in charge of Apo police station. We didn’t see him till about 5:30, he sent his 2nd-in-command who came and he saw the dangerous weapons that they left behind, he left and sent that the DPO was coming. Until I left my house by 9 am, the DPO had not come.”
When contacted, the FCT Abuja Police Commissioner, Bala Ciroma, said he has not been informed of the incident.
“I have not received such report. It is only when I have such information that I would be able to comment,” Ciroma told PREMIUM Times by telephone Tuesday morning.

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