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Wednesday 28 November 2018

The Awkward Moment Comedian Publicly Taught Wedding Couple How To Kiss (Photos)

MC Tom kissing his wife, the couple rehearsing at the background
Social media sensation and comedian, MC Tom is in the news again following a thrilling way he taught a wedding couple how to lock lips during their marital ceremony. MC Tom Comedian is one of the most eccentric comedians, event MCs and public speakers in town following his display of natural skills and talent while anchoring events.
He delivered a short but effective practical lecture to a couple who appeared to shy to kiss each other on their wedding day. After so much reluctance from the couple to kiss, MC Tom called out his own wife who was present at the event and kissed her profusely to inspire the couple of the day.
"The couple said they don't know how to kiss,then I brought out my wife, kissed her passionately publicly.....My woman,my everything.

"Learn to celebrate what U av any day and anytime bcos it will be a shame if outsiders are helping u in celebrating what belongs to u externally.

"If I av to choose, I will choose u over and over again my love." MC Tom said.
The father of one who is married to a lawyer is known for his energetic, rib-cracking and electric style of presiding over social gatherings.

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