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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Muslim Lady Shocks Twitter Users With Her #10YearsChallenge Photos

Before and now photo of Jane
A young lady with a strict Islamic upbringing that entailed wearing the hijab and looking covered-up appears to have embraced extreme western values. A Muslim Twitter user, @mztuara named Jane shocked fellow users on the platform after she shared her transformation photos as part of the #10yearschallenge .
The lady had many, especially the Muslims praying for her following her unrecognizable transformation.
Some funny social media users have stated that she might not make heaven considering the fact that the heavenly image of her will not match up with her current looks.
It would be recalled that over 80% of Nigerian women have been found to be using one lightening cream or the other. Ghana and Rwanda have banned lightening creams due to the health hazards involved in using them.

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