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Tuesday 22 January 2019

Shocking: Lady Puts Her Own Panties Up For Sale To Raise Money For Her House Rent

A young lady has stunned social media users after she put up her own panties for sale in a viral video. At a time when viral reports keep emerging about ritualists stealing women' panties for ritual purposes, Nigerian women have become very secretive with their underwear. In fact, most women don't dry their panties in the open anymore for fear they would be stolen and used for rituals.
However, a young lady has shocked people with her actions recently. The unnamed woman actually put up her panties for sale in a video which has gone quite viral online.
In the video, the girl is seen displaying her panties and speaking to the camera, explaining that she needs money for her house rent and so wants to sell off her panties to whoever wants to buy. She goes on to state that she has different kinds of panties to sell.
The video has divided social media users since it emerged. While some attacked the young woman for her actions, others feel she is just playing around for some attention.
Watch the video below:

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