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Thursday 28 February 2019

Buhari's Victory Sparks Crisis In Lagos, Oyo, Abuja

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The hoodlums equally blocked the link road between Area 2 and Area 10 causing a major gridlock on the road. A policeman and two traders were yesterday feared dead in the crisis that erupted at Okokomaiko and Lagos Island areas of Lagos state, following the declaration of President Muhammadu Buhari as winner of Saturday’s election.
Another policeman, a Sergeant said to have been attacked by the hoodlums at Alaba Rago, was still undergoing treatment at time of this report. Several other persons sustained varying degrees of injuries in the ensuing stampede.
Residents of Lugbe and road users along the busy Airport road, at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, were not spared in the harassment either, as they were thrown into panic, after supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari, trooped out in large numbers to block the major high way in celebration of his victory. 
The protesters who were armed with sticks and other dangerous weapons including brooms, barricaded the entire road, making it impossible for vehicles to pass through. The protesters who went haywire forcing drivers and other occupants to say, ‘sai baba’ descended on anyone who refused to do their bidding. 
Investigation revealed that the celebrants who also brandished a coffin with PDP inscriptions and colours, were sighted damaging vehicles trapped in the gridlock caused by the barricade, with policemen stationed at Lugbe and car wash bus stops looking the other way. Earlier, the protesters had set bonfire on the road and taunting people perceived to be anti-APC, to say Sai Baba, threatening to kill them if they refused. 
The situation forced some road users to make u-turn , in a bid to escape their wrath, while some parents were seen rushing to pick their children from schools within the area. 
The situation was the same at the major city entrance of the FCT, City gate, where another set of celebrants also mounted road blocks, chanting sai baba at the foot of the Iron broom erected, by the City Gate. Also at Area 1, road users were forced to say Sai Baba before they were allowed to continue their journey. 
They equally blocked the link road between Area 2 and Area 10 causing a major gridlock on the road.

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