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Thursday 7 March 2019

BBA Star, Dillish Matthews Threatens To Beat Up Namibian Beauty Queen Over Her Boyfriend, Emmanuel Adebayor (Screenshot)

Dilish, Meriam and Adebayor
There is serious trouble between Meriam Kaxuxwena and Dillish Mathews over the latter's boyfriend, Emmanuel Adebayor. Namibian beauty queen, Meriam Kaxuxwena, who won Miss Africa Tourism Universe in 2014, has taken to social media to expose the message she received from Big Brother Africa, The Chase winner, Dillish Mathews threatening to beat her up over her footballer- boyfriend, Emmanuel Adebayor.
Things between the two started falling apart after the runway model took to her Instagram stories to claim that she met Adebayor before Dillish, and even slept on the same bed with him in London two years ago.
Reacting to her post, the reality star threatened to beat Meriam up for the comments she made about her and her boyfriend.
Meanwhile, Meriam is now planning on taking the matter to the police over Dillish’s threat to her.
See the post below:

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