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Wednesday 20 March 2019

Billionaire Daughter Temi Otedola Clocks 23... Check Out How She Celebrated Herself On Instagram

Temi Otedola
Temi Otedola, the daughter of Nigerian billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola has celebrated herself on turning a year older. Nigerian fashion blogger, Temi Otedola who happens to be the daughter of popular Nigerian billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, has turned a year older.
The young lady who was born on 20th March, 1996 turned 23 years old today and took some time to celebrate herself online.
Temi Otedola penned a message to herself on Instagram, joking that she needs to start acting more like an adult.
She first shared the photo seen below:
She then wrote: "Happy Birthday to MEEEEE. I better start acting like the adult that I am"

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