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Saturday 23 March 2019

My Boobs, My Selling Point - Actress Josephine Nwaghanata

Josephine Nwaghanata
The huge mammary glands of Nollywood actress, Josephine Nwaghanata have become her selling point with men fantasizing about her twin towers. Fast rising actress, Josephine Nwaghanata, is a role interpreter with excellent acting ability.
A graduate of Theatre Arts from Lagos State University, Nwaghanata has starred in TV series such as Tinsel, Jenifa Dairies and also movies like Strangers in Love, Entreat, and Busted amongst others.
On how she started her acting career, Nwaghanata said: “It started when I was little, I would watch some movies and just get angry at how an actor interpreted his/her role and then I would say to myself ‘when I get older I would do better’. Later, I joined the drama department of my church. For two years, I was made to watch, learn and observe before I finally started acting. It felt like a dream come true, and since then, I’ve been acting both on stage and screen”.
On the part of her body that gets her the most attention, the curvy actress stated: “My boobs get me the most attention, even when I try to cover it up. Some people tell me that they also like my eyes and legs. They say my eyes are captivating but I love my boobs more. But I don’t intentionally flaunt them all the time. It depends on the occasion. If I am at the beach, of course I will wear beach attire. My boobs cannot be hidden, even if I try to hide them, they keep popping out of my dress.”

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