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Tuesday 12 March 2019

OAP N6 Reveals New Style Thieves Use To Burgle Homes (Photo)

Nnamdi Nwabasili made the revelation
Nigerians have been warned to be extra careful after a new method used by thieves to burgle homes was exposed. Nnamdi Nwabasili, popularly known as N6, has raised alaram over the new method criminals employ to break into people’s homes.
The Cool FM OAP said the thieves now use a car jack to expand the burglary so as to gain entrance into the homes.
The MC wrote: “Everyone out there please be careful and vigilant I hear this is the new way thieves break into peoples houses via the burglary proof with a car jack. #Staywoke#Jimasun #Alertfriendsandfamily 😩😇🙏🇳🇬

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