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Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Popular Philanthropist Cries Out After Tonto Dikeh Allegedly Threatened Him And His Children

Tonto accused by Fagbuyiro
Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh might be in serious trouble after a philanthropist revealed a threat message she allegedly sent to him. Nigerian philanthropist, Mr Olubunmi Fagbuyiro has accused actress Tonto Dikeh of threatening his life after a disagreement between the duo.
Tonto allegedly sent the philanthropist a message threatening to harm him and his children.
He took to instagram, shared a note Tonto sent him and wrote, telling the world that should anything happen to him and his children, Tonto should be held responsible.
I believe u are evil and dangerous too to have crafted a message as dangerous as this…u have never spoken to me even though u have my number on this same issue for the past two years of not working with u again.
U might think u have all the connection but I won’t be calm with a message as destructive about me and my children, no never. The above screenshot is a threat message received from Mrs Tonto Dikeh of the Tonto Dikeh foundation through her management.
I think I should be the best to talk on her manipulation and the crafty ways she uses to indite people and use her connection on Innocents.
U have used same on me by arresting me with SARS even though u confirmed I never stole anything from you, it amazed me to hear u when the police asked why u have to arrest a man as noble as this… All u can say is ” I just want to show u that I am more connected than me In this country”, even the above message speaks volume of this.
You are only doing this because u know I am a calm personality. This time I am not gonna be calm, the whole world knows u ve ur own child and I know how u guard him jealously. I am. Sure u will never be calm with a half of a message of this magnitude.

On the foundation account I have signed same document twice and was reject by the bank cos u and ur management failed to do the right thing, My name was spelt wrongly twice and your signature were irregular. All these faults were not from me but from u and ur team.
Now after 2years u are coming with this damaging threats even as a fake humanitarian that u call ur self.
Your arrogance, jealousy and disrespect for human sucks.
I am just here to tell the world that if anything happen to me and any of my children the world must hold u responsible.’

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