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Tuesday 26 March 2019

Woman Lays Curse On Boyfriend Who Dated Her For 9 Years Before Dumping Her For Another Woman (Photo)

A woman has cursed her boyfriend of 9 years after he dumped her to marry another woman. 

A woman has taken to social media to lay curse on her boyfriend who dumped her to marry another woman after they dated for 9 years.
The heartbroken woman couldn't hide her anger as she said it was unfair of the man after all the years she spent with him.
Below are her words cursing the boyfriend who is already engaged to his new lady.
‘Adabi mada fun e, wicked boy, useless boy, God will disgrace u. U re not make it in ur life. Eleda ma fi Iya ije and ur family. The time u no get anything I stay with u. But now u just leave me find anoda lady. Olorun a tun da laarin wa.’

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