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Monday 1 April 2019

Instagram Comedian, Funny Toheeb Survives Fatal Accident In Lagos

Comedian, Funny Toheeb will thank God for the rest of his life after escaping a fatal road accident in Lagos. Popular Nigerian Instagram comedian, Funny Toheeb has escaped death by the whiskers after his car was involved in a ghastly accident due to brake failure earlier today in Lagos.
The comedian, moments ago, took to social media to give thanks to God for sparing his life in the accident.
He also lamented that he is car-less now due to the incident.
In a photo shared on his Instagram page, the frontal side of the car could be seen totally damaged in the accident that was caused by an apparent brake failure.
He wrote: "At this sad point, all I just have to say is thank you Lord for keeping me… break failure..�. Life has rendered me car-less wow."

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