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Friday 12 April 2019

Nigerian Big Boy, Dharmie Richie Threatens To Expose Hushpuppi's Fake Life

Self-acclaimed Gucci ambassador, Hushpuppi has again been called out for living a fake life and deceiving his social media followers. Nigerian big boy Dharmie Richie has threatened to expose Dubai based big boy and self-aclaimed Gucci ambassador, Hushpuppi for living a fake life.
Dharmie Richie, a foreign based Nigerian big boy alleged that Hushpuppi is always borrowing money just to recharge his phone.
Richie is not the first person close to Hushpuppi who has dished out claims that he’s not rich as portrayed on social media.
Few weeks ago, when Hushpuppi flaunted a Bentley Bentayga and a Rolls Royce as a gift he acquired for himself. He was quickly called out by his former friends, Mompha and Cubanna Chief Priest, who claim the cars are rentals.

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