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Tuesday 9 April 2019

Toyin Lawani Sends Serious Warning Message To Those Complaining About Her Adult Photos

Toyin Lawani
If you think the mother of two Toyin Lawani will turn a new leave anytime soon, then you need to wake up from your long slumber. Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, has once again slammed trolls who find the semi-nude photos on her Instagram page distasteful.
In a post she shared on her IG page, the mum of two wrote:
"Do I look like I Give A poo?
Your opinions still don’t put food on the table , Go Back to your international celebrities pages and continue your night and day worship there , if my work inspire you let it , if my body and me being comfortable in it don’t please you , you can suck my p***y

Bloody hypocrites Half of you Are nasty behind closed doors and you come out to blab poo about my kids , what they see is A Beautiful hardworking woman , your minds Are messed up ,so you don’t see the work ,Half of you can’t even work half as hard as me ,nor control all I control , so go fu*****k yourselves, Do I look like all those celebs you are comparing me with , they can never be me and I can never Be them , I’m Me and I’m happy to being me #kingofallQueens"
A large percentage of adult contents have been supplied by the Lagos-based entrepreneur in recent times. She is currently single and has two children for two different men.

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