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Wednesday 24 April 2019

Woman Disgraces Slay Queen Accused Of Dating Her Father In Benin (Photos+Video)

Scene of the incident
A slay queen has been dealt with severely by a group of women after being accused of dating one of the women's father. A young slay queen has been embarrassed after being confronted by a woman who accused her of dating her father in Benin city, Edo state.
The lady and her friends held the accused side chick hostage briefly in Upper Sakponba area of the metropolis while slapping and threatening her for allegedly dating the married man.
In a trending video posted online, one of the ladies who assaulted the accused mistress identified as Mirabel, can be heard saying that her father sends money to the side chick (Mirabel) as she accused the lady of trying to break her mom’s marriage. 
While making the allegations, the accused side chick was slapped multiple times by the aggrieved lady and her friends as she was given a stern warning never to hook up with the married lover again.. 
See how internet users reacted below:

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