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Monday 6 May 2019

Pastor Allegedly Sends Kidnappers To Abduct Rival Pastor In Edo State (Video)

The criminals
A pastor has been implicated after allegedly sending kidnappers to abduct a rival pastor. Policemen in Edo state have arrested two kidnappers who confessed after being nabbed while trying to carry out an attack on a pastor during church service.
The criminals confessed that they were sent by another pastor to kidnap his rival in the ministry.
Members of the church were at the Wednesday counselling and deliverance service when the kidnappers drove into the church and requested to see the general overseer, Prophet Isaac Abraham.
Church members suspected something was amiss so they apprehended two of the suspects. Two others, who were allegedly armed, escaped. Both suspects were questioned and they confessed to the crime in a now-viral video.
Gideon Daniel, a soldier, and Oseni Igbiti, a security guard, both confessed after they were nabbed by church members in the process of carrying out the attack.
They shared message conversations between them and their sponsor and revealed they were each paid N200,000 to carry out the attack.
Prophet Isaac Abraham, whose church was attacked, claimed that when he confronted the men who escaped, they confessed that they were sent by Pastor Emeka Onu of Land of Solution prophetic mission int.
Watch video below: 

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