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Thursday 30 May 2019

Singer, J Martins Reveals How He Sent His Wife To Toast Another Girl For Him Years Ago

J Martins and his family
Nigerian singer, J Martins has revealed how he once asked his wife to help him toast another woman. J Martins, one of Nigeria's well known singers, and his wife, Nnezi Diana Mbila are celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary, today, May 30th.
To celebrate, the singer took to his Instagram page to tell an interesting story of him and his wife.
According to him, he once sent his wife (who was just his friend at the time) to 'toast' another girl for him. However, he later realized that his interest was with her and they ended up getting married.
Below is how he told the story:
"I remember telling this amazing woman right here to help me toast another girl i was eyeing that time oh..more then 10 years ago & she did exactly that
"but few years down the line i noticed that my interest was where she is even though she never took me serious & she blocked me at a time,
"well as God may have it, having known each other for 11years it's been 6 wonderful years since we got married & God first blessed us with Jason a very wise & super talented kid with amazing football skills.
"Through the Rain, Storm & The Flood, we have seen God's grace & his mighty outstretched arm, am so grateful to God almighty for his love towards us & we say Thanks a multiple billion times.
"I will to thank you wifey for sharing your life with me & being a part of my life Journey, even with all your small small wahala which is also part of the total package shall.
"The life i want is with you in it that's why i will always celebrate you, i celebrate our friendship i celebrate us being partners,
"like my Godfather Dr David Ogbeli would always say "it's not how many years you spend here on earth that matters but how much life in your years & the impact you make out of it, that's what matters" yes i may not have been that perfect gentleman but yet you still took that decision to stay with me regardless, i know that better days are ahead for sure!
"Happy 6th wedding anniversary to us & to Jason & his siblings too.
"Thank you @chelseafc for this wonderful gift last night winning the European cup celebration continues!!!"

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