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Friday 26 July 2019

Police Officers Taking Pictures Of Zinquest As He Bled To Death After Shooting Him For Protesting His Wrongful Arrest (Video)

Zinquest bled to death after he was shot
A video has emerged showing the moments Nigeria musician, Zinquest was shot as police officers took photos of him. A video has emerged showing the moment Nigerian singer, Chinedu Obi a.k.a Zinquest was shot and left to bleed to death by police officers in Ogun state.
It was gathered that Chinedu was shot after he had destroyed windscreens of cars parked at the police station after being wrongfully arrested and harassed for having tattoos.
Nigerians have called for the head of the officers who shot him instead of disarming him in Ogun.
An Instagram handle, @Therevolution-is-here shared details about the incident.
Read the full story here:
Hello Everyone! This young man is Chinedu Obi popularly known as 'Zinquest' from Delta state.

He was a son, brother, aspiring musician and he just recently graduated from the University of Port Harcourt.

He went visiting a friend (Adio Surdic) who is still at large in Sango, Ogun State and was killed in cold blood by law enforcement officers of the Sango area division.

He is the same person in the video that went viral that was bleeding from a gunshot wound in a police station in Sango, Ogun state. The police claimed he destroyed the windscreens of several vehicles in the station after he broke the handcuff  and found an axe which they claimed he used in smashing the glasses.

All this happened on Friday, the 19th of July, 2019 they never took him to the hospital neither did they communicate or allow him( Chinedu) communicate with any member of his family, instead they stood taking pictures and making videos, and rediculing him, he died there, He bled to DEATH.

The video was then leaked to social media influencers three days(Monday,22nd of July, 2019) after all this had happened.

Meanwhile the family sent lawyers there that same day of the video release, the lawyers upon getting there said the body of their son won't be released until they paid for DAMAGES!.

The Nigeria POLICE have bitten more than they can chew, these brutal killers and blood thirsty diseased crop of people must be dealt with! Let us all share and repost this till Chinedu gets JUSTICE!

Many of you were laughing when you saw the video, love and peace was his watchword, He loved the peace sign, he was social, funny and very jovial he normally has some psychological stress but never deserved to be killed or left to die like an animal.

It could be you or someone you know tomorrow, help fight this injustice.
Watch videos below:

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