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Tuesday 13 August 2019

The Day A Female Fan Embarrassed Me In Public - Actor, Uche Odoputa Tells Interesting Story

Uche Odoputa
Popular Nigerian actor, Uche Odoputa has told of the moment a female embarrassed him in public. Being famous has deprived actor Uche Odoputa of many things, including being his real self.

According to the thespian, one major thing fame has denied him is taking a stroll on the street and eating in local restaurants.
“Being famous has deprived me of many things; I can’t walk on the streets the way I want to walk anymore. I would want to walk on the streets barefooted, sometimes go out in just a singlet and eat what I want to eat like nibble on snacks. But I can’t live my personal life anymore. I have to live the life the audience wants me to live, but in all, I try to live within my means.

“Recently, I had an embarrassing moment with a fan. She had rushed to me, and at the point of wanting to take pictures, she almost kissed me. But I have to forgive her because any word or action taken at that point will be misinterpreted. So, all you need do is be diplomatic and save yourself out of that situation,’’ 
he said.

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