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Thursday 15 August 2019

The Transformation Photos Of Fitness Trainer That Has Got People Talking

Before and now photos of Adaora
Adaora who is based in the United States of America has been using her body transformation story to inspire Nigerian women. In less than one year, Adaora who used to be fat was able to shed much weight and she is still in the process of getting better.
According to her, she had to adjust her diet and work on exercising herself to burn extra fat.
Her newly found body shape has attracted thousands of followers to her page.
"Been working real hard on getting my meal plan detailed and workouts. Finally done, the left picture is October 2018, right picture August 3rd 2019. My meal plan can be sold separately or together with the workouts. My transformation took me 10 months and I will love to help you . Please message me in my Dm for pricing, I do meal prep servicing as well. thank you as you support, looking forward to some amazing transformations," she posted.

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