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Thursday 5 September 2019

Five Interesting Facts You Should Know About The Human Body

There are certain things you should know about the human body and how it operates. These are some of those things.It’s important to know basic facts about the human body for health reasons, because ignorance can be costly. Here are five basic facts you should know about the human body.

Stomach acid can dissolve metal
Yes, your stomach acid is in fact that acidic. The only reason the acid in your stomach doesn’t eat right through your body is because your stomach cells are renewed faster than they are destroyed.

Weight affects ability to conceive
Being malnourished can negatively affect ovulation, because a minimum of 22 percent body fat is necessary for ovulation and reproductive competence. On the other hand, being overweight can also alter hormone chemistry and negatively affect ovulation. Not only does weight affect fertility, it also affects pregnancy. Thankfully, weight-related fertility issues can easily be remedied by shedding or gaining the required weight. So, if you are of an ideal or reasonable weight (a BMI between 19 and 25), you shouldn’t be going on crash diet or unnecessarily trying to lose weight.
Men also have a biological clock
Age can affect a man’s ability to conceive, it might not be as profound an effect like with women, but it’s an effect to consider nonetheless. Recently, researchers at Bristol and Brunel universities evaluated 8,500 couples to determine the impact of age on the length of time it takes to conceive. They discovered that while only 8 percent of the men failed to impregnate their partner after a year of trying, the number grew to 15 percent after age 35. Considering factors like the fact that a man’s sexual drive drops with age causing the frequency of sexual intercourse to drop, the study suggests that paternal age can also affect a couple’s ability to conceive.

After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp
Surprising right? Another reason why you should avoid eating too much.

Birth control choices have fertility implications
The method of contraception a woman has used can affect her fertility and impact conception. Therefore, it’s important for a woman to consult her doctor on the best birth control choices for her body. She should, in other words, carefully consider birth control choices before she decides she wants to get pregnant.
Source: The Nation

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