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Friday 23 October 2020

Eyewitness, DJ Switch Reveals What Happened At The Night Of Lekki Tollgate Massacre



DJ Switch

DJ Switch has finally spoken up on what happened at the scene of the Lekki Toll Plaza shooting, on the 20th of October 2020. 

Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Switched has revealed what happened at the night of Lekki Tollgate killings after Nigerian Army opened fire on unarmed protesters.

She confirmed the death of 15 persons, while also revealing that police officers also joined in the shooting.

On the 20th of October 2020, the world was left stunned as military men stormed the Lekki Toll Plaza to shoot at unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

The Nigerian Army has denied any involvement in the shooting, even stating that videos showing their officers actively shooting at the protesters was photoshopped.

Dj Switch, was at the scene of the incident, as she shared a Live video from the shooting as it happened on that night.

She has now come out to fully narrate what actually happened at the scene, as she shared details of how the unarmed protesters were murdered.

Taking to her Instagram page moments back, DJ Switch, shared images of some of the shells she was able to personally pick from the scene.

Narrating her ordeal on that night, she revealed that seven people were confirmed dead before her Live video went off, and that the number rose to 15 on the night.

According to her, the mistake her and other protesters made, was to drop the corpses of the dead at the feet of the military officers, as the officers ultimately took off with the bodies and cleared the evidence.

DJ Switch urged the government to respect the dead and not play on the intelligence of Nigerians by downplaying the incident and claiming no one died at the scene.

She also went on to reveal that after the soldiers at shot at them for over 40 minutes, some police officers and SARS looking officers came to the scene and teargassed them.

Watch her narrate her ordeal below;


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