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Sunday 3 January 2021

Check out Who Will Become President - Prophet's Shocking 2021 Prophecy


Yemi Osinbajo
Yemi Osinbajo

A prophet has revealed that Nigeria's number two person will assume duties as president without any election held. 

Nigeria's vice president, Yemi Osinbajo will take over from President Muhammadu Buhari without any election held.

This is among the things prophesied by a clergy, Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi, the Senior Pastor of Faith on the Rock Ministry International in his 2021 prophecies reported by Vanguard.

Pastor Ebonyi  who gave this admonition  while speaking  with journalists in Nasarawa State Saturday warned  government against playing politics with God’s message delivered by Bishop Matthew Kukah  to the nation.

According to him, “if Bishop Kukah had not come out boldly to say the governnent has failed the nation, then it means  something is wrong because even those in government bed reading knows that the present administration have failed the people”, the clergy stated.
According to the clergy,  the nation would witness a shift in government without election where the number two will assume the number one position without elections or coup.
He added that the present governnent  is going to give a good ground to number two to occupy, but stressed that  the situation is going to draw attention and the plan for the country will be privailled
While noting that the COVID19 pandemic would continue for another six months because the authority concerned  are not willing to end the pandemic, he revealed however that life will be more meaningful in 2021 without food for the citizens.
Ebonyi,  in his prayer for the nation and  to mark his  43rd birthday celebration and Prophetic release for 2021 on Saturday said going  back to God genuinely was the only  sure way to avert the experiences that will take place in government and  to over come the challenges confronting the country.
Speaking  on the  2020, the Cleric  described the year as a turbulent year full of battles such as COVID19 pandemic,  insecurity, insurgency as well as  EndSARS stating that  God  brought Nigerians into 2021 for a purpose.
According to him, “2021 is  the year of the Lord where God himself will be humbling some demonic powers, forces and satanic agenda   bedeviling the Nation.

“God revealed to  me in the place of prayer his blessings and intervention in the affairs of the  Nigeria that government will witness a shift that is going to give ground to the number two citizen  to become  number one so saith the Lord”, the cleric declared.

“We have to pray for the government and Nigerians, God loves this Nation, but the kingdom of darkness has come out fully against it, if we call on God genuinely he will still deliever us as in the case  of Israelites in  Egypt”.
On his 43rd birthday,  Pastor Ebonyi said he was grateful to God for adding another year to him despite the battles he went through the year 2020.
He said he dedicated his 43rd birthday to step up the mandate that God has given him to wipe away the tears of people through touching of lives with his resources, noting that what gives him joy was to see humanity happy and liberated.

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