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Thursday 2 March 2023

Buhari's Aide Accused of Lying About Woman Attacked in Lagos


Jennifer Efidi was attacked at a polling unit in Surulere during the state's presidential election on Saturday. Nigerians have accused President Muhammadu Buhari's media aide, Ajuri Ngelale, of lying to CNN about the woman who was attacked in Lagos during the recent election.

Jennifer Efidi's story went viral after she was attacked at a polling station in Surulere during the state's presidential election on Saturday.

During an interview with CNN, Ajuri claimed that Jennifer was attacked in the South East, where Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi was victorious.
 Nigerians took to Twitter to call him out after spotting the lie.


Chijiokesenior wrote: “Is either dis Ajuri Ngelale is totally ignorant of d incidents dt took place or just being wicked or deliberately covering up. How can he say dt d lady that was badly injured in d face by APC thugs, happened in d south east? How can he say Nigerians have no issues with d results?”
AlexAgbo23 wrote: “how can you lie so blatantly on international TV? Have you no modicum of honour left? Not even an iota of it? How are you able to tell lies so brazenly? THE INCIDENT HAPPENED IN LAGOS! This is very disgusting!”
dafunkydaniel wrote: “One thing I knew about APC they lie a lot and the take the integrity and sanity of Nigerians away but is well…in Life we all should always stand on the way of truth”
ksolo_hitz wrote: “You can’t support APC and still have human conscience imagine how you use an attack on an innocent woman to spill trash. Must everything be about politics?”
chidoxflash wrote: “Everything about APC, buhari & their government is built on lies. They have nothing truthful about them.”
___itzsam88 wrote: “Forget bokoharam and bandits APC is the worst thing that ever happened to Nigeria”
elohor_sweet wrote: “Everything about APC is all lies,I don’t know. Your party have won so make una rest
There is nothing verifiable about APC”
stephlox.travels wrote: “See how he’s using all the strength in him to LIE!!”

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