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Wednesday 8 March 2023

Court orders that the name of the LP candidate for deputy governor in Benue be removed from the INEC list.


 Labour Party

But, Judge Ekwo stated in his verdict today that he believed the Plaintiff (Adejor testimony )'s to be trustworthy.

A Federal High Court in Abuja has ordered the removal of Idu Onyiloyi's name from the Independent National Electoral Commission's (INEC) list as the Labour Party's (LP) deputy candidate for governor of Benue State.

Onyiloyi, who voluntarily withdrew his name from consideration for the LP's nomination for deputy governorship in the election scheduled for this Saturday, was also barred by Justice Inyang Ekwo in a decision he issued on Wednesday.

Recall that Dr. Ochechi Adejor had named the LP, INEC, and Onyiloyi as defendants one through three in his lawsuit against them.

Adejor requested a court injunction ordering INEC to list him as the LP's deputy governor candidate for the Benue state election.

However, delivering the judgment today, Justice Ekwo said he had found that the evidence of the Plaintiff (Adejor) in the case was credible.

I conclude that the plaintiff has proven its case by reliable evidence and is entitled to judgment in his favor, and I so hold, the court stated.

Nonetheless, the judge ruled that Adejor was the legitimate candidate for the LP's deputy governorship seat for the Benue State election since she had been duly nominated for the position after Onyiloyi's voluntary withdrawal.

Additionally, he issued a permanent injunction prohibiting INEC from promoting or accepting Onyiloyi's name or the name of any other candidate than Adejor for the position of deputy governor of Benue at this year’s general election.


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