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Wednesday 18 May 2016

AliBaba's Cousin who "Raped" A Lagos Babe has been Nabbed

Why get violent with a lady just because of s*x that is very cheap to get these days? Guys, once you notice that a particular lady is not flowing on the same frequency with you, kindly move on in peace.

Don't get carried away and do what will land you in a mess, especially not for s*x. The latest update in the alleged r*pe of a Lagos babe who is a video vixen, by the name Enigma_Dutchess by a young man she said is popular Comedian AliBaba's cousin, Andrew Muller, is that he has been nabbed. 

According to the lady, who said the guy called to threaten her after he was initially left by police, the case is now being handled by the Gender-based violence section of Lagos Police Headquarters, Ikeja.

The lady's words: "Earlier today at gender section ikeja the rapist and his friend while being moved from lion building vi, to gender section ikeja and now in cell. Case is being charged to court, thanks to jah finally justice will be served."

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