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Wednesday 18 May 2016

Moyo Lawal Says She Needs A Husband Who Won't Complain Of Her Nude Photos

Seems this is the lifestyle misguided ladies want, to get married but still live like a prostitute who can do just as she likes, and her man should 'understand'. Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has openly revealed that she wants to be like Kim and want a husband like Kanye. Read what she wrote:
"#kimye . ...Uuum so where can I get me ...my own kanye A man who stands up for his wife and let's the world know he adores her despite his eeem thug abi macho reputation.... A man confident enough to let his wife be herself (yes...even retweeting her Unclad pictures) (because he knows she will never cheat...). ..and always ready to help her in public (I don't care how they live inside their home ..but I think they are happy or if they are staging it for us (I sha like)....  
A man that understands that even thou he is the head of the house, its okay to let the woman shine (he always stands behind, even for interviews..well most times).  
Let me see some obvious things that maybe I can start to do ...to get my own kanye.... Eeeem s*xtape (No..)..... Eeeem Getting Unclad (Uuum yes ).....

Eeeem surgery (No...am an Oliver twist before I end up looking like a blowup doll) ..... Eeeem constant red carpet appearances (bank work but I can try) ... Eeeem makeup always on fleek (hard oooh but I can try, it should sha not age me) .... Eeeem always dressed up (haaaa bank work...I like my hobo look ... Eeeeem two failed marriages (haaa) ............... Men .... My own Kanye, u know this is not Hollywood, so eeem things don't have to get too extreme before you find me .. yeah"


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